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  • 100% volunteer-based with no paid staff
  • Impacted more than 36,000 St. Louis children and adults in 2021-2022
  • Our 494 volunteers gave 61,200 hours which is equal to 29 full-time employees and is worth nearly $1.4 million
  • 100% St. Louis-based
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Our member volunteers manage a variety of programs to benefit underserved populations in the St. Louis metropolitan region.  Each program has a unique delivery model and focus. We provide everything a child needs to wear to do well in school, athletic shoes and socks, personal care items for women and children in shelters, books for aspiring readers, and items to help families through tough times when they can't find help elsewhere.

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Assistance League of St. Louis Awards Scholarships

Books scholarshipsThe Assistance League of St. Louis (ALSTL) Scholarship Committee awarded 17 scholarships to qualified students from the St. Louis Community College in 2021-22. Established in 2015 and under the aegis of Project ROSE, the ALSTL Scholarship Committee oversees a fund managed by the St. Louis Community College Foundation. The funding is determined each year by the Assistance League’s available philanthropic funds.

Common majors of ALSTL scholarship recipients are:

  • General transfer (requirements to transfer to a 4-year institution)
  • Nursing
  • Paralegal

Teacher scholarshipsThis fall semester there were 61 applicants, and seven scholarships were awarded. The awards are based on criteria established by ALSTL (2.5 GPA, academic or personal references, financial need) and by the St. Louis Community College Financial Aid Office.

Since 2015, more than 132 ALSTL scholarships have been awarded. On average, 95 students per year apply for this scholarship.

Below are a couple of the extremely grateful letters we received from awardees this fall. The Scholarship Program is a much needed and appreciated endeavor!

I am honored that I was chosen to receive this scholarship. Thank you! Your act of kindness will allow me to continue my education with one less worry. This scholarship will go towards books and tuition. As a single mother of three, and still being impacted by the financial hardships of COVID-19; any additional funds that I am able to receive are greatly appreciated.

I can't express how thankful and appreciative I am to the donor for this award. Being a single mother while going to school full time has been extremely challenging and this scholarship will be so helpful. Thank you on behalf of myself and my 3-year-old son!

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