Operation Hug


Comfort and Smiles in a Time of Need

Operation Hug offers teddy bears to comfort individuals in traumatic and stressful situations. Our Assistance League bears are given freely to provide comfort and smiles in a time of need. Last year we provided 1,800 bears to agencies in the St. Louis area to distribute. Click HERE for a list of the agencies we serve.



For more information on Operation Hug, please contact us. You can also make a donation to Assistance League specifying Operation Hug anywhere on this site. 

Assistance League of St. Louis volunteers have proudly delivered thousands of cuddly HUG “AL” teddy bears to local agencies for many years. One of these agencies, Children’s Advocacy Services (CAS) shared a heartwarming story about their Bear Closet. 

CAS serves children undergoing counseling after leaving abusive situations. At the appropriate time, each child is escorted to the Bear Closet by a staff member.  

Inside this special closet, the sweet, cuddly AL Bears are lined up and waiting for their new owners. When the Closet door is finally opened, the little face outside suddenly beams with delight, eyes open wide. Standing in the doorway, the new AL Bear “parent-to-be”  looks over all the furry faces, taking time to choose just the right Bear. After a thorough review, one lucky AL Bear is chosen, leaving the Bear Closet for a loving new home.



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When we give a bear to a child, our hands are an extension of yours - the efforts and generosity that you give are realized by a teary eye drying up or a big smile.
-from a fire captain