Project Rose


Raise Our Self Esteem


Can you imagine having to leave your home in the middle of the night to protect yourself or your children? Many women who seek the protection of a shelter do not even have their own shoes or a purse when they arrive. Project ROSE provides women and their children in secure shelters, women in transition services, or residential support programs with personal items, clothing, household, and special occasion items. In cooperation with other agencies, ROSE also provides personal care items and clothing to victims of sexual assault. In 2017-2018 we served 3,587 women and children in shelters. Since 2001, we have contributed to the well-being of 21,800 women and their children. The shelters and agencies we served in 2017-2018 were Women's Safe House, Kathy J. Weinman Center, St. Martha's Hall, Bridgeway Women's Center, YWCA, Annie Malone Children's Services and Magdalene St. Louis.


But these gift bags don’t just provide personal necessities. They allow women to feel special once again.  It’s just a little self-esteem that Assistance League provides—self-esteem that helps the healing. For more information on ROSE, please contact us.  You can also make a donation to Assistance League specifying ROSE anywhere on this site. 


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If a woman comes in to the shelter with nothing, she starts to think, "I probably should go back." The pink bags help a woman feel good about herself. They have personal hygiene items, new slippers and pajamas.
-from a shelter administrator