Assistance League of St. Louis is an all-volunteer organization that transforms the lives of children and adults through community programs.


Essential needs are met in our community and families are provided with an opportunity to flourish.

Core Values

Accountability | Integrity | Leadership | Commitment


  • Provide philanthropic programs that meet community needs
  • Present ourselves effectively to the community
  • Ensure financial sustainability, accountability and transparency
  • Provide an environment where members are valued, motivated and engaged with the Mission

Strategies 2017-2020

Philanthropic Programs

  • Identify needs in the community that are consistent with our mission
  • Assess current philanthropic programs to evaluate effectiveness
  • Maintain or exceed an 80% return to the community


  • Maintain a consistent brand image
  • Increase community awareness and understanding of our mission
  • Utilize digital, print, and social media marketing

Fund Development

  • Expand the financial support from the community donor base
  • Ensure reasonable and prudent management of all financial resources and assets


  • Educate and involve members with leadership roles and responsibility
  • Provide opportunities for each member to serve
  • Discern and address concerns of non-renewing members