An international group of visitors from eight countries recently visited Assistance League of St. Louis headquarters as part of the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program: Israel, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Thailand, Zambia and Zimbabwe. This program is arranged by the Institute of International Education. ALSL was contacted following an internet search that led them to the St. Louis chapter. 

Jayne Foley, ALSL Public Relations Chairman acted as liaison and ambassador for the St. Louis chapter and organized the visit and tour of headquarters.  President Jane Harbron along with Board members developed a presentation identifying how the St. Louis chapter achieves the specific objectives of the State Department program.  Debbie Rehm, VP Membership and her Committee planned a welcoming reception for guests and members to meet and share their questions and ideas.

The St. Louis chapter’s presentation focused on how ALSL successfully exemplifies and accomplishes the professional objectives of this program.
The Department of State objectives for these visitors are to:

•   Introduce innovative management strategies for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), particularly those that support and promote social or political issues;
•   Explore the diversity of the independent sector in the U.S. and the dynamic relationships between business, government and non-governmental organizations; and
•   Examine methodologies used by NGOs for strengthening leadership, recruiting volunteers, developing fundraising and advancing missions.

Following their visit, ALSL received very positive comments.  The visitors noted the professionalism exhibited by our organization and members.  An Israeli visitor and pilot, commented thathe was very impressed with our Strategic Plan.

To see slides of the presentation made by ALSL click HERE.