Assistance League of St. Louis is an all-volunteer organization that transforms the lives of children and adults through community programs.


Essential needs are met in our community and families are provided with an opportunity to flourish.

Core Values

Accountability | Integrity | Leadership | Commitment


  • Impact the community through philanthropic program expansion and growth.
  • Achieve fundraising goals to support and expand our programs while maintaining Candid (GuideStar) Platinum rating.
  • Increase the number of members accepting leadership positions.

Strategies 2020-2025

Philanthropic Programs

  • Implement a Logic Model to facilitate effective program planning, implementation and evaluation
  • Identify other St. Louis not-for-profit organizations to foster community relationships.
  • Expand programs to include charity and philanthropy.

Fund Development

  •   Implement a standardized process to evaluate each fundraiser


  • Coordinate efforts of the Membership & Education committees to establish a curricula for new leaders.
  • Engage Assistance League University for the promotion and implementation of Leadership Development curricula and training.