Assistance League of St. Louis is an all-volunteer organization that transforms the lives of children and adults through community programs.


Essential needs are met in our community and families are provided with an opportunity to flourish.

Core Values

Accountability | Integrity | Leadership | Commitment


  • Philanthropic program growth meets essential community needs based upon the results of internal and external assessments.
  • Financial growth supports philanthropic services and organizational stability through a positive independent audit.
  • A team management program provides leadership development resulting in an increase in members volunteering for leadership positions.

Strategies 2020-2025

Philanthropic Programs

  • Refine the process for program evaluation.
  • Adjust services and budget according to the results of external and internal philanthropic assessments.

Fund Development

  • Maintain platinum rating in GuideStar.
  • Use a standardized evaluation process to assess fundraisers.


  • Establish a leadership committee to make recommendations for securing and training leaders.