A Renaissance Woman is well-educated, sophisticated and has talent and knowledge in many different fields of study. Roxie Randolph, President of Assistance League of St. Louis for 2018-2019, seems to wear this description well according to Assistance League peer, Arlene Holley. Arlene, a friend for many years, adds that Roxie is a true leader, a natural multi-tasker, a woman of her word and eager to share her learning and talents with others.

Raised in Houston, Texas, in a family of four children and over-protective parents, Roxie, as the second child, strived to make a mark in the family. She graduated from Texas Southern University majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Physics, earning a Bachelor of Science degree and was honored with an award of a Post Baccalaureate Fellowship to Oberlin College in Ohio. After Oberlin College she returned to Texas to complete her Master of Science degree in Mathematics. Two months later she was married. Click HERE to read an article about her in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

After being hired by Southwestern Bell (AT&T) in the engineering department in Texas, she was promoted after three years to the headquarters in St. Louis where she worked for another 17+ years.  Awards in her profession included Toastmaster’s Presidency, recognition in Who’s Who, and being appointed as a FINRA Arbitrator.

In 2013 Penny Kyle introduced Assistance League to Roxie. She became a member, zeroing in immediately on Operation School Bell® and becoming Chairman a couple of years later.  She then moved on to be Vice President Philanthropic Programs. In 2017, Roxie was elected as President-Elect of Assistance League of St. Louis. Roxie was a participant in the Assistance League video, We Are Assistance League, has been on the cover of Ladue News and Town & Style, and been a panel member at the National Assistance LeagueConference. 

Her interest and talents are many and diverse.  She is very active in her church - she is a deaconess, one of the leaders of the Church’s “Fine Arts” department, and lead choreographer of the Church Praise Dance Team. She is very dedicated to family values and this includes her husband and daughter, the loves of her life!  And in the past year, Roxie states, “I picked up a love for the exciting game of pickle ball!” Also, as confirmed by fellow Assistance League members, Roxie has been seen vivaciously leading a group in line-dancing!

Roxie tries to keep an inner calm by adhering her life to the words of the Serenity Prayer: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

--by Jeanne Belle, Marketing Committee and Website Committee