Running like the wind in sprints of 70 miles per hour, cheetahs are indeed one of the most admired creatures in the animal kingdom. In November of 2017, the Saint Louis Zoo witnessed a record-setting birth of eight cheetah cubs at the River’s Edge Cheetah Breeding Center.  And, on Monday, September 24, 120 lucky students from Dunbar Elementary in North St. Louis had the opportunity to learn about the cheetahs and other animals in a visit to the zoo. These students, brought to the Zoo by Assistance League of St. Louis for Discovery Day, were there to be fitted with new athletic shoes and socks provided by the organization of 500+ volunteers. Click HERE to see the KMOV news coverage of the day.

The excited students, while waiting their turn to be fitted, listened to the fascinating story of Freeda the Cheetah, had the chance to touch an actual Cheetah hide and learned a new fun dance led by Assistance League President Roxie Randolph and member Pat Ward.  After receiving lunch, two books and a tour of the zoo, 120 happy students boarded the bus back to school wondering how much higher they could jump and how much faster they could run with their new shoes!   

Last year Assistance League volunteer members, in a philanthropic partnership with Shoe Carnival, traveled to 37 schools in 8 districts where they fit approximately 3,500 qualified children with shoes and socks. Overall last year through their numerous programs, Assistance League gave 80,000 hours of service directly touching the lives of 44,000 St Louis residents. 

This year’s Discovery Day was coordinated by Pam Bogosian and Rhonda Kinsvater.