PATHFINDERS1A group of five women and men, who are employees of neighboring Pathfinder Church in Ellisville, recently volunteered several hours of their time to haul and place rocks around the Assistance League Headquarters building to freshen up the landscaping. And what a great job they did! This was something that our landscaping committee could not have accomplished themselves and would have had to hire to get done.

How did this happen? When Pathfinder’s overseas mission work was cancelled due to COVID, they decided to help out in their local community instead. Being our close neighbor, the church knew of Assistance League and asked how they could help.

PATHFINDERS2After the landscaping project, they were given a tour of the Headquarters building and a more thorough explanation of our programs. They were so impressed that they offered to do more! They intend to donate items to Fantastic Finds Resale Shop in the future, and their facilities director even volunteered to help with some of our electrical needs.

Thank you, employees of Pathfinder Church! Your assistance is greatly appreciated.