The 2014-2015 Assessment results for two ALSL programs, PROJECT ROSE and 
STEPS TO SUCCESS are in. And the final ratings give testimony to our Mission: 
“…to identify, develop, implement and fund ongoing philanthropic programs to
serve the specific needs of children and adults in the St Louis community.”


 PROJECT ROSE serves four area shelters for women and children. An evaluation form,
developed by the Assessment Committee was given to the staff and residents in each of these shelters.
Staff results, on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest rated:
*Communication with AL volunteers- 4.8
*Selection of items in our gift/first night bags- 4.7
*Providing children’s clothing- 5.0
*Selection of items in house bags- 5.0
*Impact of transportation vouchers provided- 4.8
The results from Shelter Residents indicated:
*100% found clothing items most helpful or very helpful
*83% found bath products helpful or most helpful
*59% found hair products helpful or most helpful
*79% found bedding/bath items helpful or most helpful
*47% found makeup products helpful
*67% found children’s clothing most helpful
Personal notes from the Residents put these statistics in softer focus: “Just that someone
cared enough to give us something is nice,” and “Being here at this shelter was
unexpected; when I came the gift bag came in very handy because I came with nothing…”

STEPS TO SUCCESS provides qualifying elementary students in 30 schools with wellfitting
athletic shoes, so they can be actively involved in physical activities. Surveys were
created by the Assessment Committee for classroom teachers and Parents/Guardians.
Results showed:
73% of the classroom teachers strongly agreed or agreed that discipline is
easier when students wear adequate footwear.
84% of teachers feel that new shoes
enhance a student’s creativity and self-expression. They noted additional positive effects
on parent-teacher relations, academics, attendance, attentiveness, respect for teachers and
the learning environment, as well as a decrease in bullying and peer pressure to have the
“right shoes.”
Parent/Guardians results showed:
92% felt that receiving and wearing a new pair of shoes
was helpful to their situation and 94% felt their children enjoyed this experience.
Thank you notes from parents included: “Times are very hard and this is a great way to
help my child,” and “It helps to feel like someone is so generous and cares without having
to beg…we feel appreciated.”

ALSL is very proud to report these Assessment results for 2014-2015. They validate both
our Mission and our dedication to Caring and Commitment in Action in the St. Louis