Whether you were a proficient golfer or picking up a club for the first time, you were bound for an afternoon of fun and excitement while helping a worthy cause. On Sunday afternoon, June 13, members of Assistance League of St. Louis and their friends, family, and colleagues participated in Swing for Good, a fund raising event at Topgolf in Chesterfield, Missouri. How did this work?

In 28 separate climate-controlled “bay” areas, a team of four to six players took turns hitting micro-chipped balls at what looked like a giant colorful inground dart-board target in an outfield. The closer you got to the center or bullseye and the further the distance, the more points you earned. Those points were electronically calculated to a screen in your bay area. Who could tally up the most points on your team? Who could hit it the farthest? It didn’t seem to matter to most. Competitiveness was not the name of the game; it was the comradery, the fun and the cause you were supporting!

Meanwhile, in the Signature Room of Topgolf, 13 “opportunity baskets” of golf-related items beckoned your attention. Included in the baskets were rounds of golf from local clubs, enticing golf paraphernalia, and generous contributions of wines and cordials. For the 154 participants of this event, a delicious lunch including dessert and soft drinks was served.

swingforgoodcommitteeChairing this first-time-for-Assistance League event was member Chris Zang, with his talented committee (pictured here). In summing up the results of this venture, Chris said, “We had great aspirations for contributing to the programs of Assistance League. We were astonished at the generosity of our attendees & supporters and we were invigorated with the enthusiasm and fun prevailing throughout the afternoon!”

Generous sponsors included Barb and David Gifford, Vicki and Doug Hill, Karen Keske, Yolanda Perez-Cunningham and Gary Cunningham, Suzanne and Mike Pratl, Dawn and Rod Thomas, Edward Jones, First Bank, Mercy, and US Bank. Other supporters were Aberdeen Golf, Berry Hill Golf, Family Golf Center, Elder Manufacturing, The Landings, Meadowbrook Country Club, Normandie Golf, Probstein (Forest Park) Golf and Riverside Golf.

Proceeds of this event support the many programs of Assistance League of St Louis which last year touched the lives of more than 34,000 children and adults in the St. Louis area.